Murrow Art Patrons

Edward R. Murrow High School, Room 438

Parent Meeting Minutes

March 20, 2019


  1. Call to Order: Gilbert Flores, MAP co-president called the meeting to order at 6:47PM.


  1. Approval of Minutes:  Minutes were approved from the meeting held on January 16, 2019. No corrections were made.


  1. President’s Report/Old Business: There was no report from the President.


  1. Treasurer’s Report: Liz reported no income from January. Zoe reported via email that there were no donations or expenses since January. There is a recurring donation monthly from the Pagani family, which is going to the Art Department, not MAP. Liz reported that $1710 was donated, and transferred to MAP. Question is whether we want that money to continue to be received by MAP? Kerry spoke to the parent and she did not know the difference and did not express any preference on the donation being given to MAP or the Art Department directly. We will wait on the treasurer’s report to see if there are other parents donating online and how to proceed from there. Discussion ensued noting that the reason MAP took parent donations in the first place was because the DOE prohibited parents from giving money directly to the school, so it had to go through MAP first. Members move to discuss at the next meeting.

With the $1710 donation, our total is 15k.


  1. Old Business:


  • Update on Grant Writing: Nell reported that there is a working group for grant writing.  The group updated the Letter of intent and Zoe has drafted two grant requests. Spy gave some information about who the kids are that participate in the institute and asked teachers what they want. Received a list of what the teachers need: digital cameras, laptops, lighting setup, tabletop easels, drying rack and printing press- things to get the kids portfolios updated. The group is looking into the Joy of Giving, an organization that works with teachers on this type of equipment. Will introduce Spy to this organization. Also thinking about connecting with Donors Choose, a website where we can facilitate the teacher’s needs. Assemblyman’s office may be open to requests as well. The group also wants to develop a more open relationship with the teachers, and have them meet with the Grant writing committee to have more open communications regarding their requests.

  • Status on MAP Branding: Jenn created the designs for MAP logo.. Members vote on the white background logo for banner, and suggest adding website. Members thought that the actual font is small and should be larger, so that the words Murrow Art Patrons are more prominent. For the tablecloth design, members voted on the banner design with the art background. For the vertical banner, suggest that the text and art are shifted and have the words Murrow Art Patrons on the vertical. Several t-shirt designs were presented as well, with slight variations. Members vote on the black background.

  • MAP $50 Contributions:  Kerry received some responses and is waiting for the parents to send in.


  1. New Business:

a. Art Honor Society  Student reps from the Honor society spoke about their ideas on fundraising. A new logo for the Art Institute is being considered. Liz, the president of National Arts Honor Society, along with Grace and Yun, presented the design ideas that have been submitted. Members suggested opening up the submissions to sophomores as well as the juniors and seniors. Members also suggested a hard deadline for submission, and new design will be available for the Art Show.

  • Trip for Seniors: Overnight trip is not going to happen, but Spy is working on planning a day trip. Mari proposes to create a scholarship for any students who cannot afford the cost of the trip based on what is not covered by the department. Members vote to put aside $2000 for the day trip expenses. Mari will ask Spy how much the trip costs for each student, find out what the school is contributing and then MAP will make up the difference.

  • “Errror 404”: Theme for the Art show.

  • Secret Senior Graduation Gift: Spy has an idea to give a sketchbook with the new logo to all graduating seniors, or to do a breakfast for the seniors. Spy wants MAP to donate the funds for this initiative. Gilbert suggests getting sketchbooks and having Mr. Magin do stamping or wood block to add the logo. Gilbert asks for a suggested budget for these projects before we proceed to donate.

  • Senior Yearbook for Art students: Spy would like to create a yearbook for the Art students. Every senior gets a page, and they sell it to seniors. The cost should be minimal. A budget for this is needed as well.

  • Congratulations: Several Murrow Art students received prestigious awards.

  1. Prepare for Upcoming June Art Show June 21st and 22nd.

We’ll need volunteers, food, raffle items, booklet design, ads from local businesses, cash/change.

Potential sponsors? Levy Law firm, Levi’s.

Notes from last year’s show: Less pizza, less drink choices, more homemade foods, hummus is a hit, offer a homemade drink choice, no sugary snacks. $5 golden ticket raffles were a hit, 50/50 is also a good fundraiser.

Press Release: Go out in May. Postcards go out early in May.


Meeting adjourned at 8:10. Next meeting April 17th.




Members in Attendance:

Gilbert Flores

Kerry Sullivan

Bruce Wilde

Christine Cirone

Wendy Mack

Nell Mermin

Judith Velosky

Liz Gavares

Mari Sakaji