January MAP Minutes

Murrow Art Patrons

Edward R. Murrow High School, Room 438

Parent Meeting Minutes

January 16,  2019

1) Call to Order:  After a period of being locked out of the meeting room, the meeting commenced with Gilbert Flores, Kerry Sullivan, Judith Velosky, Angela Pruitt, Mari Sakaji, Elizabeth Gavieres, Zoe Gaby and Nell Mermin in attendance.


2) Minutes from 11/14/18 meeting were accepted into the record.


3) President’s Report/Old Business:


A.  December Open Studio:  Co-President, Gilbert, reviewed Open Studio successes: Increased attendance in a variety of aspects -- those who attended seemed to stay longer, Principal Barge attended, a reporter was sighted as well a couple of middle schoolers.  The student-led printmaking demonstration was quite successful (well attended, and of interest.)  He noted that all the homemade food was sold out (chili and hummos plates).  It was noted that Janine’s press release was likely what brought the reporter, and that the outreach to Middle School P/T coordinators likely brought the middle schoolers. 


Ideas to improve the event:  Get out the press release earlier, have the flier include more information about workshops, possibly increase the number of workshops, and at the event itself, use a sandwich board to post information/timing about workshops and events, as well as signage to direct parents/attendees to various locations.  It was suggested we increase the amount of homemade food, and provide a homemade drink as well (increase the ratio of homemade to pre-packaged goods)


Do we want to move the event earlier?  Were we able to move the event prior to the Holidays, workshops and sales could tie into Holiday gift giving, and the event could also be used as an Informational opportunity for prospective middle schoolers and their parents.  The potential obstacles are whether the teachers/students would be ready to present work at that time, that it’s a busy time of year, and that it is likely that MAP/Spy would need to begin to plan the event in the Spring for the following Fall.  Kerry to email Spy with the timing question for her/teachers’ consideration.


B) MAP Logo Status:  Jennifer was not in attendance, so revisions of logo/banner were not shared.


C) Grants:  The grant writing process has begun.  Various means for soliciting funds were discussed.  Nell reported that Borough President Eric Adams’ funds are predominately for capital projects (budgeted over $35k) She is investigating the possibility of getting a request onto District 39’s Expense Fund Participatory Budgeting ballot.  Kerry is emailing Spy to clarify how the supplies would be utilized, and which supplies are of most pressing need.  Angela is investigating whether she can get the requests listed on Donor’s Choose, whether the teachers themselves listing, or with MAP assistance.  Kerry, meanwhile, shared a link to Guidestar, which reportedly lists a vast number of potential foundations.  Angela and Nell are looking to update the general letter, which would then be tailored to specific foundations.


D) Calendar:  Timing snafus prevented the creation of the planned calendar. In response, it was suggested that selected Junior/Sophomore and Freshman art prepared for the June Art Show be photographed for the following year’s calendar, which could then be supplemented by the incoming year’s Freshman and start-of-the-year Senior work.


E) Increase Participation:  How to increase participation among Freshman parents/engage MAP parents/make sure everyone feels “in the loop”


F) New Printer for Art Department: PTA distributed funds which allowed for purchase of new printer.


G) Donations: Kerry to send out email blast soliciting donations from MAP families


4 ) Treasurer’s Report: This year’s two bake sales yielded profits of $233, and $383, and the Open Studio yielded $705 (including a $100 donation) 


Apparently last year’s bake sales and Open Studio yielded $400 more.

Gil suggested the lack of new t-shirt (and hoodies) may account of some of the disparity in sales, and mentioned that Spy is hoping for a new logo (and t-shirt.)



5) New Business (conducted quite hurriedly as adjornment was approaching rapidly.)

            A) Mixer: Suggested we table the plan til next year.

B) New Bake Sale Opportunity: Gil wondered at the possibility of a Marathon Day bake sale.

            c) June Art Show

  • Kerry to email proposed timeline for group approval

  • Levis: A sponsor in the show in the past, needs to be approached.Volunteer needed.Kerry has information.

6.  Adjournment: Gil adjourned the meeting at 8:00.