Murrow Art Patrons (MAP)

Edward R. Murrow High School, Room 438

Parent Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2019


Members Present: Gilbert Flores, Kerry Sullivan, Nell Mermin, Janine Sopp, Liz Gavieres, Pamela Palmer, Glen Mack, Scott Magin, Alisa Yalan-Murphy, Jenn Reinhart, Rebecca Lax, Judith Velosky-Martell, Angie Pruitt


Call to Order:  Gilbert Flores, MAP co-president, called meeting to order at 6:37pm.  Meeting was held in Room 438.


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes from the April meeting were read, discussed and approved.  No corrections were made.


  1. Treasurer’s Report:  (Liz reported first)-

  • Budget Report:  An entry on the Account Analysis Report shows a deposit of $200 made for a senior bus trip to Philadelphia.  “They (I wasn’t sure who “they” was) gave us $1,900 and $1,575 was taken out for the bus.  Our overall balance is $14,443.81, and the bus rental has been paid.


  • MAP Funds vs Art Institute: The consensus is that donated monies must be specific.  Parents are still confused about where their contributions are going, although the letter MAP sends states very clearly where the donations should go.  Gilbert stated that all of the donated money is for the Art Institute, it’s just that MAP needs funds to work on things like the t-shirts.


       Liz continues with her report:  Inquires about the online portal for making donations.   

       Kerry compared the donation results with the online button, and noted that, even with

       the button, donations didn’t increase that much.  She stated that it’s a little more this

       year, but it is not a significant increase.


  • Liz explained that the PTA gave MAP separate money for the printer, and we’re deciding whether that money should be sent back to the Art Institute.  There is a questions about why the money was initially given.  This remains an open question. 


  • The MAP Account: Gilbert explains that the MAP account is its own account, and MAP is also part of the school.  The Art Institute budget is for supplies, while the MAP money is for trips and scholarships.  When parents make out their checks it’s for: Friends of Murrow.  Scott adds that for transparency purposes, this income must be reported.  He noted that under Fair Student Funding there are specific line items that must be used for specific purposes.  There is $1,000 that was given to art teachers to purchase supplies, and then there is the DOE funds that is distributed to teachers by Ms. Ingordo.  The MAP money is separate from  the DOE funds.

Kerry asks the committee if she should stop the donation link in the newsletter since the parent feedback was that there wasn’t a way to donate specifically to MAP electronically.She suggests that it might be better to wait and clear up the confusion first.


  1. June Art Show:

  • Main art by Tim Davis.

  • Poster and Postcards:  Postcards to be mailed by May 22nd.

  • Review of Timeline

  • Program:  Order of the program. Initially, Alisa wanted the cover in color and everything else in B/W.  There was a delay last year with getting the ads in.  Kerry will work out a timeline for the production of the program.  Alisa also noted that PDFs in Photoshop cannot be edited.  More discussion of updating the program.  Spy has the template.

There was a question and discussion about whether program can be printed in-house.


E)  Sponsorships:  Janine receives confirmation that there is an ad letter.

Prices for Ads:  Sponsor Page:  $1,750 (?),  Full page: $100,   ½ page: $75,  ¼ page: $50

Kerry has contact with 14 people who may consider buying an ad, 3 of these individuals own businesses.

Gilbert suggests a Seniors’ Page- well-wishers pay $20, and we can fit 8 statements per page. 


  •    Kerry explained that the charge will be $10 per spin.  We can use the old inventory in the closet.   50/50 Raffles and tickets for $1.

  •    We still need donations to raffle.  $200 Amex card has been donated.

  • T-shirt Production:  Scott explained that the art department has the capacity to print designs on t-shirts.  He stated that he has printed Murrow Bike Crew t-shirts, and he can also print pens and other items too with the Art Institute logo.  One t-shirt design can be ordered and another can be printed in-house.  If MAP buys 100 t-shirts at $2.50 per shirt in S/M/L then a design can be printed in-house. 


Scott would spearhead the effort to print the t-shirts in-house.  He also noted that we need the printer ready to go.  He said  that we want to order 50 of the “Error 404” shirts and all of the inventory would be at cost.  He noted that he has all of the inks ready to go.  Kerry said that BIG BANG has a 72 hour minimum, and MAP has 50 shirts left over from previous art shows.  We are looking for a way to minimize leftovers.


Janine noted that it might be nice to have alternative t-shirt styles to sell. One example Scott offered was more slender, body fitting cuts as opposed to only boxy shapes.  He also suggested a “Day of” print shop for making the t-shirts.    He asked whether he should print more black hoodies with BIG BANG because there are only 3 left.  There are also VOX t-shirts left (number?)  Scott also stated that two-color printing could also be done in-house.  Price for hoodies:  $35 and t-shirts: $20.  There hasn’t been an idea of a new Art Institute logo, so the original logo will remain for now.  Another idea was to screen student art on the back of t-shirts for sale.


Gilbert further stated that it would be a nice gesture to offer pizza for the students involved in the day-of printing


  • Food List:

Janine will make Hummus and Popcorn.  Maybe MAP should rent a popcorn machine.  Gilbert will investigate.

7 boxes of pizza will be purchased

Alisa: Ice

Glen: Beverages

Kerry will talk to Union Market about donating brownies and cookies.  Perhaps a cheese platter?

Mari: Bagels, Cream Cheese and Coffee

Pam:  50 foot extension cord, 20v powerstrips (2 each)


Fruit Salad Cups?

Question about ordering of tablecloths and banner


  • Photo booth:

Gilbert suggested MAP purchase a dye-sublimation printer for the June art show and future productions.   There was discussion about whether the purchase of the machine was cost effective in the long run versus its cost and usage.  In short, would the machine pay for itself over time, and how would the new MAP committee be trained?  There was also concerns about storage of the unit.   The unit with the film costs about $800.  A Polaroid camera was suggested as an alternative but Gilbert explained that a Polaroid camera produces a few pictures at a time and the film is expensive. 


It was decided that the discussion of the printer would be raised again next year.  Question:  Is this a tool that Spy can use for the Art department?  Three additional  needs for the photo booth:  An I-Pad Pro, Mounts, Backgrounds and Props Can the costuming dept. supply some props? Can the photo dept. lend background lights?


  • ATM Rental for 2 days.  Discussion.  Resolution?


  • Three scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $250 each.


New Business:

MAP needs new officers:  Treasurer Liz is leaving (daughter is graduating), Gilbert is stepping down as co-president at the end of this school year.


Meeting Adjourned at 8:15pm


Meeting Minutes submitted by Pam Palmer 5/27/19