Murrow Art Patrons

Edward R. Murrow High School, Room 438

Parent Meeting Minutes

April 17, 2019



Members present: Kerry Sullivan, Gilbert Flores, Jenn Reinhart, Nell Mermin and Janine Sopp



Call to Order: Gilbert Flores, MAP co-president called the meeting to order at 6:42PM.  As we were locked out of our traditional meeting space, the ever-resourceful MAP team held the meeting in the hallway, surrounded by inspiring examples of MAP student artwork.


Approval of Minutes:  Minutes were read, discussed and approved from the March meeting. No corrections were made.


It was noted the traditional MAP meeting time of third Wednesday of each month made for a sparsely attended meeting so soon before Spring Break.


  1. President’s Report/Old Business:


A) Parent outreach:  Kerry is investigating whether she can email personalized outreach to parents through Mail Chimp as personalizing seems to raise “open rate” from under 30% to over 50%.


B) Donations:  Discussion focused on determining most effective outreach to parents, and how to facilitate donations in a digital world when the Art department and MAP do not have their own bank account.

          Kerry noted that Newsletter has included link to Donations page, which is sending donation money to the general PTA fund, earmarked for Art Institute (as opposed to MAP)  She is going to ask those who donated through the link whether their donations were prompted by the email request.

          Kerry wondered whether an additional request for funds should be made this year. Gil suggested a mailed postcard with catchy illustration of under-equipped artist.  Jenn suggested that donations might be “rewarded” with a promotional item (Either a tote bag or other promo item made for June Art Show, which could be cross-purposed.)


C) Grant Writing:  Zoe mailed out a grant request, and Nell sent letter to previous grant donor, the Evelyn Sharp Foundation.  We are still hoping to connect Spy with the Joy of Giving, and look into logistics of Donors Choose.




  1. Treasurer’s Report: There was no treasurer’s report.  


A) MAP Funds vs Art Institute:  Open issue was how to differentiate money intended for MAP from funds intended for Art Institute.  Gil proposed that $$ raised through MAP events go into MAP coffers to support scholarships, trips and parties, and that $$ intended to support Art Supplies go direct to Art Institute.  This definition would mean the direct donate button on the website was effectively directing the funds to intended location (As MAP parents donating were intending them for art supplies.) 


B) Electronic Payment: The open question was then how to enable patrons of the June Art show, Open Studio, and purchases of MAP swag to pay electronically.  Janine asked whether Art Institute could have its own bank account, which would enable setting up credit card payments. This is apparently an issue for both the Murrow AP in charge of business operations, and the umbrella PTA.  Gil suggested that the larger Murrow PTA leadership has been historically reluctant to cross-promote and facilitate, but that new leadership would be coming in next year.


C) Event Card: Jenn suggested an “event card” which could be purchased at the start of the year and would enable the bearer to attend multiple school events across disciplines.  A percentage of sales would go to each division, and would encourage students and families not only to donate across divisions, but sample the talents of students across disciplines.


3. June Art Show:


A) Auction Donations:  Kerry concerned we do not have many donations as yet.


B) Postcard/Poster:  Apparently artwork for poster and postcard were being prepared and sent to Kerry the following day.


C) New Logo; Spy supervising student development of new t-shirt design.


D) Program:  Gil and Kerry both expressed intent to look into printing the program.


E) Press Release:  Gil notes that it is being sent out two weeks earlier than last year.  He is researching additional sites to which to send. Janine offered her assistance in the effort


F) Fundraising:  Kerry  proposed various fundraising activities:


1) A 50/50 raffle – after some discussion about how much a ticket should cost so as not to be prohibitively expensive, but to allow for a nice pot, $5 seems to have been consensus.


2) $5 raffle items.


3) $10 color wheel.   In this activity, the purchase of a ticket guarantees a prize.  If there are 4 colors, there are four “types “ of prizes, each stashed in a color-coded box.  The prize is selected from the box represented by the color the wheel has landed on. This enables the wheel to be utilized year after year.  (Blue might be sketches*, red might be t-shirts, etc.)


*sketches -- It was noted that piles of student art sketches are laying dormant or tossed each year, and that parents and other art appreciators might actually value what are often lovely pieces of art. How these sketches would be chosen and if students will sign-off on their work being used as wheel prizes has yet to be determined.



G) Signage:  It was noted that for each, a sign would need to be prominently displayed thanking those who donated gifts. 



H) Picture Taking:  A polaroid booth, complete with fun backdrop and dress up box, suggested.  I believe Jenn volunteered to loan a polaroid camera.  Suggested price, $5


I) New Art Institute Swag:  t-shirt and hoodies with new logo, a given.


It was wondered whether it would be possible to have students use silk screening process to brand either pencil cases, totes or t-shirts.  It was also noted that reusable soft totes/pouch are especially practical, though perhaps not conducive to silk-screening?  To be determined if we can enlist student or teacher support in this idea.


J) Food/Beverage:  hummos and hot-dogs highlighted. Homemade foods particularly popular.  Gil suggested the addition of a popcorn machine.


K) Volunteers:

Kerry planning another outreach.  Will send out a volunteer signup request. (Looking for 6-8 volunteers)



4.  Scholarship update: 3 seniors receiving $250 scholarship awards.



5. Status on MAP Branding: Jenn and Gil reviewed the suggested tweaks to her original designs for tablecloth, t-shirts and banner.



Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm

Meeting minutes submitted by Nell Mermin, 4/24/19